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New Game Of Thrones Could Attract More Than One Billion Viewers

Basically, it's being shown in 170 different countries, starting in the UK on 15 April, and it looks as if pretty much everyone around the world is excited to see the final set of twists and turns that will establish once and for all who in Westeros will control the seven kingdoms.
If the last season is anything to go by, the records are set to tumble once again.
At the end of the last season, the seventh series finale - entitled The Dragon and the Wolf - was watched by 16.5 million people in the United States alone.
That means that a huge audience of people around the globe saw the dreaded ice dragon melting down the wall (exactly how ice melts ice isn't yet clear) and breaching into the north of Westeros at long last.
Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO
That was a significant increase on the previous season, which drew an audience of 8.9 million when it was aired live.
All the best guesses point to this season being potentially the biggest event in television history. We've been promised the biggest battle ever seen, and they usually deliver.
Chief critic at Rolling Stone magazine Alan Sepinwall has tried to explain the success of the show. He said: "It's viscerally thrilling in a way that almost nothing in TV has ever been before.
"It does things you never expect TV to be able to do in terms of dragons flying and burning up entire armies and zombies storming down a mountain.
"When Game of Thrones debuted, back in 2017, TV was a totally different place. Netflix, Hulu and Amazon hadn't begun to create their own programming, and the audience for great shows wasn't splintered across niche genres and formats.
"It was actually possible and enjoyable to keep up with Game of Thrones and other great shows like HomelandBreaking Bad and Mad Men as they unfolded week by week."
Credit: HBO
Credit: HBO
Sepinwall continued: "Now dozens of original shows, documentaries and mini-series are dumped on to streaming services every month and even the best of them reach much smaller, fragmented audiences."
If you're going to be watching along with the other billion folk out there, join us to debate the issues of the day on facebook.
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