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On Friday 16th February 2018, a group of Nigerian youths drawn from all works of life gathered in Lagos and other states of the Nation to declare the intention of young Nigerians to take over power from the old leadership sect come 2019.
The group under the umbrella of Youth Take Over initiative powered by Yaga Foundation pointed out clearly that the greatest challenge facing the Nigerian Nation is that of leadership. According to them, if leadership is in order every other thing will fall in place.

The National Coordinator of the movement, Comrade Gabriel Ashibi lamented over the epileptic state of the Nation’s economy, infrastructural decay and the acrimonious poverty bedeviling the people. He said that the worrisome state in which we find ourselves is all a product of leadership failure.

He added that with improvements in information technology and new standards in global communication, Nigeria should have been reckoned with as a top player internationally. He therefore pointed out that it has become inevitable that a new leadership regime must take the centre stage in the governance of our dear Nation so as to bring to bear fresh ideas and innovative abilities of the younger Nigerian generation.
          The Kano State publicity secretary of the movement comrade Shuaibu Abubakar added that the era of recycling old leaders is over and that 2019 presents itself as the best chance for the youth to take over power and put an end to the stagnation, redundancy, and underdevelopment that have been witnessed over many decades of our Nationhood.

Comrade Oladipo Aberuagba, an exco member of the movement pointed out that Nigerian youth had performed brilliantly in all fields of endeavor especially sports, entertainment, ICT and general business. They are top executive managers in both private and public sectors and it is very disappointing to know that some people are still selling the idea that Nigerian youths are not experienced or matured for leadership.

          The Lagos State coordinator Comrade Nwoko Cosmos regretted that it is quiet unfortunate that an oil producing Nation like Nigeria should still be importing fuel at this stage of global awareness. According to him, all that Nigerians are yearning for is basic amenities, peace and security, and the protection of life and property for all Nigerians. He added that the era of lies and propaganda is over and that Nigeria must give way for a more creative and dynamic leadership team that will help us all achieve the much talked about Nigerian dream.

          The National coordinator used the opportunity to call on all Nigerian youths to compulsorily register and get their PVCs and make sure that they play an active role in the next electoral exercise. He urged them to shun all forms of electoral violence, thuggery, rigging, ballot box snatching, and other forms of destructive activities during the polls. He opined that the future of this great nation lies in the activities of the youth population.
It was a peaceful, warm and an interactive gathering.

NIGERIAN YOUTHS BLOW HOT, DECLARE TO TAKE OVER POWER IN 2019. @YTO2019 #YouthTakeOver2019 NIGERIAN YOUTHS BLOW HOT, DECLARE TO TAKE OVER POWER IN 2019. @YTO2019 #YouthTakeOver2019 Reviewed by on 2/16/2018 Rating: 5

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