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5 Reasons Why Your Private Part Smells And What To Do

It is certainly embarrassing to smell down there. To have your abode smelling like a rotten fish or worse, it is sickening. it can hurt your sex life and your health too.

The smell emanating from the private part can be caused by a whole lot of factors and you should be worried. The most common being due to a condition called bacterial vaginosis (for women).

On the men’s’ side a bad smell can be due to poor hygiene and this article is all about men. So what do you do if you smell so bad down there?

As your favorite health blogger, I did some research on this to find out the general solutions that could work for everyone, but I will also shamelessly say that I once had this bad smell down there, so I am sharing some of my solution I used too.

So if your private part oozes, it is simply because of:

1. Your Hygiene 

Good sexual hygiene is very important, as poor hygiene leads to a poor state of life and a poor health status. Hygiene, in this case, refers to how clean you are, how many times a day you bath, how frequently you change your clothes, if you smell down there you need to bath at least 3 times a day, i.e. in the morning, then after work or school and before sleep to help keep clean. Also, you need to change clothes at least twice a day and when I say clothes I am referring to your boxers or briefs, (and try to wear clean trousers as often as you can, a bad smelling trouser can mess your boxers up and also your body)…

2. How You Sweat 

Sweat is definitely the biggest culprit here. If you sweat a lot, you should take your bathing and cloth changing routine seriously to help prevent any odor from oozing from your personal area. If you read one of my articles in which I talked about how bacteria through sweat causes body odor, then you will perfectly understand what am talking about here. So if you sweat a lot, you should bathe at least 3 times a day and change your boxer immediately after sweating heavily to keep you clean and fresh (good hygiene is not for the lazy).

3. How You Bathe 

Bathing which is important for cleaning up the body can affect the way you smell down there, also how you bathe is so important to prevent you from smelling down there. Seriously, readers, there is a style to bathing and it is not about jumping in the shower and scrubbing for 3 minutes and running out or staying in the bathroom for 30 minutes and you still come out the same. There is something like washing adequately, precisely and carefully, like a sensual wash, don’t just wipe some soap around the area and think you are done, because there may be a lot of gunk which accumulates in many folds and cleft that comprise your groin area. These parts that you miss, just add up and leave you with a smelling area.

4. Pubic Hair 

Your pubic hair might be the suspect here, compiled with other factors the pubic hair may amplify the smell as it traps odors and dampness, which makes that place ooze ten times over. Consider shaving, a simply trimming would do, and you don’t have to shave bare, to help keep odors at bay.

5. What You Do After Ejaculating 

It is a common thing for men to fall asleep after sexual activity and most don’t even take a bath after they wake. This goes for even those who masturbate, remember to clean down there after ejaculating. Leftover semen can be really nasty if not properly cleaned up.
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