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2019 Polls: YouthTakeOver #YTO Campaign Group write OPEN LETTER to Nigerian Youths A MUST READ FOR ALL

Dear Nigerian Youth,

We write you this letter in the spirit of the Nigerian Dream. We write bearing in mind that you are the future of our great nation Nigeria.  A nation so blessed but still floating in a state of confusion and despair. This letter which is coming at a vital moment in our nation’s political history is an eye opening piece centered on the state of the nation and the results your actions or inactions will bring in our quest towards building a New Nigeria.   

First of all, we must commend your hard work, tenacity and great accomplishments against all the odds you have gone through. We salute your courage in the face of uncertainty and your dexterity throughout the difficult national problems that have held our Nation down since independence. In all fields of endeavour you have made our country proud especially in Entertainments, Sports, Fashion and Information Technology to mention a few.

However, despite your various achievements, our nation today is in a state of quagmire. We are experiencing one of the toughest times since we became an independent nation in 1960. We are now a specimen of shame and disgrace across the globe. We are hungry, disunited and hopeless and our innocent blood is being shed everyday across the length and breadth of our country.  Common sense has eluded us, while criminality and nepotism has become the culture of the once perceived giant of Africa.

Let us take a look at the reality on ground. With the state of our education system today, can we compete globally? Can we get the right Medicare without visiting UK or India? How many Nigerian youths can genuinely secure employment after graduation nowadays? Why should the 8th largest producer of crude oil in the world depend on the importation of refined petroleum products for national consumption? How many hours of power supply do we enjoy daily? How many square meals can our people afford per day? What is the state of our roads and railway network? And how many mass housing projects does our government execute each year?

Your sincere answers to the above questions will give you a clear direction on the mission of this open letter and help you ponder on the enormous challenges faced by our generation and the possible solutions that can be deliberated upon for a brighter future.
It should be noted that in the days of our fathers, majority of them attended free schools as education in most cases then was free. Those who graduated from primary schools (talk less of secondary and tertiary schools) had jobs waiting for them. We had the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), NEPA, NITEL, Nigeria Airways, The Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL), The Nigerian Textile Company Limited and many other Multinational government own institutions that provided jobs to millions of young school leavers. All these institutions have been buried by poor leadership and lack of direction.

Our fathers enjoyed constant electricity, good roads, efficient railway networks, quality health and transport facilities and they lived in a united and secure environment. Nigeria had development prospects above Brazil, Singapore, India, UAE which are world economic giants today but we are still here living in fear, poverty and hopelessness. What went wrong? How did we get here? 

It is glaring that while other nations had consistently built sound economic policies to develop their countries and better the lives of their citizens, our own nation Nigeria has been eroded by ethnicity, religious bigotry, ineptitude, falsehood, corruption, embezzlement and an acute lack of vision.

The big question according to Hip-hop musician Wande Coal is “shey na like this we go dey dey”? Are we going to fold our hands and watch our nation go into extinction due to irresponsible leadership or do we have a role to play? In other climes, countries rely on the activities of their patriotic youths to take action and change the direction of governance for good. Worthy of note is when the youths of Egypt gathered at Tahir Square to demand an end to Mubarak Rule. Also the Tunisian Youths took a bold step putting an end to Ben Ali dictatorship.

What is really happening to you? Are you lost, confused or afraid? Is it lack of vision or are you looking at material possession? It is so appalling to state that when three or four Nigerian youths are gathered, they are talking about the UEFA Champions League or the English Premiership.  Some have been killed just because of arguments relating to the supremacy battle between Messi and Ronaldo.

Last year, France swore in a 39 year old president while Austria also voted in a 31 year old Chancellor. But in our country Nigeria, the squabble has always been that young people are not mature nor experienced enough to handle a complex country like Nigeria. This in itself is a calculated attempt to blackmail young people into believing that they are incapable of providing the leadership that Nigeria needs.

It is worthy to know that the contemporary history of Nigeria was created by young people in their generations. Gowon became head of state at Age 32, Obasanjo at age 39, Zik formed NCNC when he was 40, Awolowo was 43 when he became premier of western region, Ahmadu Bello was 40 when he co-founded NPC while Ojukwu was only 34 when he led the entire Eastern region through the civil war. Infact, Prof. Pat Utomi and MT Mbu became relevant in national politics in their 20’s.  Other military officers like Babangida, Murtala Mohammed, TY Danjuma, Abacha plus our current President Buhari became relevant in national issues of governance in their 20’s.

Every day we hear that you are the leaders of tomorrow. When will that tomorrow come? How long shall you continue to be pawns in the hands of the political hawks? How long will politicians continue to buy you guns and turn you to touts for their own political gains? How long shall you sell your future for meager tokens and rice? When shall you wake up from your political slumber and take responsibility for your generation? How long will it take you to know that this present crop of politicians have outlived their usefulness and effectiveness as a result of old age?

Arise O’ Compatriots, the time is now!  The labour of our heroes past must never be in vain, we must change the narrative now, we must save our generation. You must wake up to the reality that these old politicians that you are killing yourself  for are very smart and have started aligning, horse trading and forming coalition to forge a common front ahead of 2019 just like they have always done.

Now is the time for us to put aside our differences and form a majority power bloc that will help us democratically seize power and provide the kind of leadership that Nigeria needs. With over 78% of the nation’s population of active electorates, if we sincerely queue under one political platform, with serious ground work, shunning all advances from the old politicians and unite against ethnic/religious divide, we can make this dream a reality and build a new nation where innovative ways of acquiring Education, Health care, Agriculture, Justice and wealth creation can be made accessible to all.

Once again we want to restate that we believe in your energy, creativity, patriotism and innovative ability. It is time to use your talent and resources, your media platforms and mobilize all the people around you for this one purpose: YOUTH TAKEOVER 2019.

Go get your PVC for the set time is now. The future is here! The tomorrow has come.
According to Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has”.

To join the campaign, please visit

Yours truly,


Comrade Gabriel Ashibi                                         Sani Adamu Gusau
  National Coordinator                                                             National Secretary

Oladipo Musibau Aberuagba

National Publicity Secretary
2019 Polls: YouthTakeOver #YTO Campaign Group write OPEN LETTER to Nigerian Youths A MUST READ FOR ALL 2019 Polls: YouthTakeOver #YTO Campaign Group write OPEN LETTER to Nigerian Youths A MUST READ FOR ALL Reviewed by on 1/09/2018 Rating: 5

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