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Politician Exposed After Using (JUJU) Witchcraft to Win Election into Government

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Former Kenyan Cabinet Minister Musikari Kombo lost his Webuye parliamentary seat after a court found him guilty of Witchcraft in 1994.

Kombo who had only served two years in parliament was accused of administering traditional oaths which he used to bind voters to elect him, The Kenyans have reported.

The revelation was made following a petition filed by his rival Joseph Maloba Elima. It was revealed that the former Webuye MP had paid three witchdoctors a sum of Sh70,000 to perform an oath.

The witchdoctors identified as Simon Bileti Wawire, Francis Wafula and Eli Kamara Wanyama confessed to performing the 'Khulia Silulu oath' on behalf of Kombo.

The sworn affidavit by Bileti read,"I placed the ram at Kombo's feet and fed it the herbal mixture and then I brokeits neck. I bathed him with the herbal mixture and collected the bath water. I cut Kombo on the chest and back three times and rubbed medicines into the cuts. I then pierced his left hand index finger and drew blood. I mixed the bath water, blood, herbal mixture and passed it out so that Bileti treats the meat."

The affidavit further read,"The ram’s intestines were then placed on Kombo’s head by Elly Khamala. Kombo stood astride at the door and the roasted meat on a stick treated (through sprinkling Kombo’s bath water mixed with blood from his left hand index finger and the herbs) by Bileti was passed between Kombo’s legs into the house.

Musikari Kombo took a piece of meat from the stick and swore, ‘I Musikari Kombo, swear that from now on, I shall continue Masinde Muliro’s journey without fear until President Moi is removed from power." The court heard that after Kombo had eaten the piece of meat, he asked each his constituents to also come forward and pick a piece of meat.

The people then were forced to make an oath after eating the piece of meat stating, "I shall vote for Musikari Kombo in the coming election. If I don’t may I die." After the oath, the remaining mixture of herbs and intestines was poured the on money which was then distributed to the people.

Kombo denied meeting the three witch doctors arguing that on the mentioned day he had attended church and other constituency functions. The court, however, ruled that Kombo’s whereabouts between 8 pm and midnight on that day were not accounted for.

Despite calling 12 witnesses to the stand, the former Cabinet Minister was found guilty and his parliamentary seat annulled.
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