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Policeman Beats Six-month-old Baby to Death (Photo)

Nurse Caroline Mwenesi attends to six-year-old Samantha Pendo at Agha Khan Hospital in Kisumu. The baby succumbed to her injuries on August 15, 2017. PHOTO| SILAS APOLLO| NATION 

A six-month old infant, who had slipped into a coma after sustaining head injuries after being allegedly hit by a police officer in Kisumu County has died, Daily Nation has reported.

According the report, the dead baby identified as Samantha Pendo was injured when police stormed houses in Kisumu City’s Nyalenda slum “in pursuit of rioters.” The baby died at 5pm Tuesday.

Her father, Mr Joseph Abanja told the Daily Nation he had expected his child to live but she succumbed to her injuries.

“I demand justice for my daughter. She was not protesting, her father was not protesting. Her mother was not protesting. Yet they killed her. “I did as I had been told; to vote and go home. They followed us there and hit us,” he said.

The baby’s aunt Elpine Aleto, who had been a caregiver said the baby died at around five in the evening. Baby Pendo’s parents said she was hit on the head by police officers, who stormed their house after they refused to open for fear of being beaten up.

Her mother Lancer Achieng’ told the Nation that two officers broke the door and hit her husband, before a third beat her to the ground and hit the baby on the head.

“It all started at 1am, when police stormed our house,” said Ms Achieng’.

“They beat me on the legs and arms. I was carrying the baby in my arms, they hit her with a club on the head. “When the police left, we took the baby to Oasis Hospital in Nyalenda but they could not handle her case.

We, therefore, rushed her to Aga Khan Hospital.”

Mr Abanja said the anti-riot police had threatened to break into the house and shoot them.

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