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Nigerian Immigration Commences 48-hour Online Visa Service Delivery System

Comptroller General of NIS, Mohammed Babandede 

Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has commenced online visa service delivery system for foreign investors intending to visit the country.

Comptroller General of NIS, Mohammed Babandede disclosed this yesterday in Abuja while speaking with journalists immediately after a day workshop on the presentation of the Handbook on the operationalization of the Presidential Executive Order in the immigration service which also had the Minister of Interior, Lt. General AB Dambazzau (rtd) in attendance.

Babandede said as demanded by the provisions of the Executive Order on the Transparency in MDAs, conveyed via circular from the office of the Minister of Interior, the NIS has already created a line to be open on Wednesday for people to communicate with them anytime.

Speaking on the visa time line, he said, “The condition is clearly stated on our website. We have complied with the presidential Executive Order. 48 hours is the time line for you to get visa. If you apply for a visa and comply with our requirements, we will respond to you by email.”

In his remarks, Dambazzau commended NIS and called on them to ensure strict compliance with the goals it has set for itself. He assured that all agencies within his jurisdiction will comply with the Executive Order while also commending NIS for their remarkable development.

He said: “I wish to also present the NIS Dress Code, which as I was made to understand is the first such document developed by the NIS to ensure uniformity on the dressing of officers and men, for all occasions.”

He further restated his commitment to the service saying the ongoing NIS recruitment is one of the ways to ensure efficiency in the system.
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