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E-Money Shows Off His Golden Sitting Room (Photos)

E-Money in his palatial home 

Five star music boss, E-Money shared pictures of his tastefully furnished house with his interiors all golden. E-Money has been reported to have a very humble beginning as he lived in the poverty-stricken Ajegunle area of Lagos State with his family.

The socialite is said to be involved in sevral businesses spreading from shipping to ral estate and oil and gas.

Read the inspirational message he shared below:

"We ought to be saying in Our life , we do not think Failure .... We can't think failure... We don't think failure .... We can't comprehend failure.... We have a mindset.... Failure is not an option... lt doesn't work with Our system.... We can't think of failing.... Greater is He that is in Us... no matter what happens, We only think Greater is He that is in Us.... We cannot think fear .... We cannot think defeat....The 1 in Us is Greater! Greater! Greater! Greater! .... Amen..."

E-Money Shows Off His Golden Sitting Room (Photos) E-Money Shows Off His Golden Sitting Room (Photos) Reviewed by on 6/29/2017 Rating: 5

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