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Did Obanikoro Officially Decamped from PDP to APC? Here's What the Ex Defense Minister is Saying

Senator Obanikoro 

Earlier we reported that the chieftain of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Musiliu Obanikoro, has defected to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) at a press conference, in Lagos, on Tuesday.

In swift reaction to the reports, the former Minister of State for Defence, took to his Twitter account and said that he has not defected to the APC, adding that his appearance at a townhall meeting organised by Remi Tinubu, senator representing Lagos central, was misunderstood for his defection to the APC.

He explained that he was at the town hall meeting as constituent of Lagos central and to show his support to the senator.

“As a constituent of Lagos central senatorial district, I today attended Sen. Remi Tinubu’s townhall meeting to support her good work,” he tweeted.

“I commend Sen. Remi Tinubu once again as I continue to consult with my political associates and friends in Lagos, and also across Nigeria.

“Whatever the future holds politically for us, it will be openly done by us and seen by all but right now, please disregard those rumours."

While also speaking in an exclusive interview published by Punch newspaper on Tuesday, Obanikoro was asked whether it is true that he has officially defected to the All Progressives Congress.

He said; "In this instance, whatever step I am taking or will take later is about public interest. It is about the overall interest of the community that I represent, and my supporters who see me as their true representative. Politics is not static; it is very dynamic and when certain interest, especially the one that borders on public interest is challenged, a politician that is worth his onions must react immediately."

Speaking further on whether he is now a member of the APC, he said; "Let me categorically tell you that the report that I have defected to the APC is a rumour and it is still a rumour. If a personality like me will leave the Peoples Democratic Party to join another party, it will be done in a grand way.

"I would call a press conference and tell the whole world that I am moving (to another party). I will also explain the reasons for my defection. It will not be like the judgment given to the ABN (Association for Better Nigeria) which was delivered at night (9pm).

"If I want to defect, it will be done publicly with fanfare. I have no reason to make it a secret. Nigerians, especially the media, should just wait and relax for the appropriate time for me to declare my next political move."
Did Obanikoro Officially Decamped from PDP to APC? Here's What the Ex Defense Minister is Saying Did Obanikoro Officially Decamped from PDP to APC? Here's What the Ex Defense Minister is Saying Reviewed by Thank God on 6/20/2017 Rating: 5

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