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6-year-old Girl Dies After Her Teacher Sealed Her Mouth with Sellotape Because She Talked 'Too Much' (Photo)

The girl named Guo Jintong died after her mouth was reportedly sellotaped by the teacher for talking too much 

A six-year-old girl died after her kindergarten teacher wrapped her mouth with sellotape to stop her talking too much, a father has revealed.

According to Dailymail, the sad incident happened in China. The devastated parent, from China, accused the school and the girl's teacher in a social media post on June 12.

The girl, named Guo Jintong, allegedly died in her kindergarten after the morning exercise on the same day. The father described the incident on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

According to the post, six-year-old Guo Jintong was a pupil at the Huadian Experimental Kindergarten in the city of Huadian, Jiin Province. The man claimed that Jintong's teacher had accused the girl of talking too much during the morning exercise.

After the Jintong and her classmates went back to the classroom, the teacher sealed the girl's mouth with glue and sellotape. She was later sent to the kindergarten's clinic soon afterwards and she died around 40 minutes after her mouth had been taped.

The man also claimed that when the ambulance arrived, his daughter had been dead for 30 minutes. The angry father wrote that Huandian's authority tried to bury the news, and neither the city's supervising department or the police bureau had been able to given him an explanation.

In a later post, the parent claimed a teacher, named Ju Chunwei, as the one who allegedly taped his daughter's mouth. According to a statement issued by the internet information centre of Huadian, an ambulance was sent to the kindergarten at 10:19am on June 12.

Teachers at the kindergarten sent the girl to the clinic after realising she had been twitching. The school informed the girl's grandfather, who accompanied her to the hospital. The girl was said to be pronounced dead at around 11am at the hospital after resuscitation had failed.

The statement, however, did not reveal whether or not the girl had been taped on the mouth. It didn't mention if she had been accused of talking too much, either.

According to the statement, the case is under further investigation. China News reported that the teacher in question had been suspended by the kindergarten.
6-year-old Girl Dies After Her Teacher Sealed Her Mouth with Sellotape Because She Talked 'Too Much' (Photo) 6-year-old Girl Dies After Her Teacher Sealed Her Mouth with Sellotape Because She Talked 'Too Much' (Photo) Reviewed by on 6/18/2017 Rating: 5



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