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Why I Keep My Wife Away From The Media – Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie, last son of veteran actor, Pete Edochie strikes you as a man destined for greatness as he is carefully reading the footfalls of his father.

The father of three, who has been married for over a decade would go at any length to protect his young family, thus his wife is always under the radar.

When Golden Pearl mMedia quizzed to know why, his wife always seem to be hiding her face from the media’s paparazzi, Yul had this to say: “My wife is not an actress, she’s not into show business, she’s a computer engineer, also a business woman, she’s not into the whole paparazzi spotlight thing, its her lifestyle. So, she can’t be in the media eyes.”

He also revealed how his wife took the children to his father to spend the last Easter Holidays.

“My wife and kids went to see my parents in the East. Seeing my parents and daughter bond is a feeling I can’t even express, its a blessing. Family is everything. I thank God. I could remember While growing up, my father taught me discipline, honesty, integrity, bravery, self respect and for fellow humans, hard work, passion for work, a lot more and I have passed that onto all my children.”

He expressed gratitude to God for the success of his career and giving him the grace to maintain a good name in the industry.

“My brand is waxing strong, all thanks to God. I have built a good name over time which i work so hard to maintain, only by God’s grace. People love the brand as well. We are working on a lot of new stuff which would be made public soon.”
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