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JejeTv: #ChatWithKadaNaija - Rapper LEGACY on seat

JejeTv: #ChatWithKadaNaija - Rapper LEGACY on seat
KADA NAIJA: Hello welcome on board, this is #ChatWithKadaNaija
For the sake of the those who don't know you, can you introduce yourself?
LEGACY: Yeah sure!! most people know I go by the name legacy
LEGACY: Just a guy that does music cause it's what I always do
KADA NAIJA: OK.. Legacy what's your real name and how did u got the name 'Legacy'???
LEGACY: precious by name, or rather Bannah Graba
LEGACY: The name legacy just came to me through my music, some one asked me what I wanted in my music and I was like, "I just wanna keep a legacy that even when am gone would still exist"
LEGACY: So I just decided I name myself legacy
LEGACY: That's how it all came to be
KADA NAIJA:  Ok.. For how long have you been into music and what kind of songs do you do?
LEGACY: I've been into music since 2008,
LEGACY: And I actually do almost all genre but am actually an hip hop artist
LEGACY: Am a raper
LEGACY: And I also do afro
KADA NAIJA: OK what inspires your music?
LEGACY: Hahahahahahahahahaha....I got alot of people to proove wrong, alot of responsibility on my head right now that whenever I write I just try to do my best and not to disappoint no one, cause am not from a family where music is encouraged..but most of all I try to make my mum, dad and my people proud..
LEGACY: I love where I come from and am only trying to put my city on the map
KADA NAIJA:  OK that's good to know. Talking about your family, is anyone else into music?
LEGACY: am just the one, that's why they're finding hard to support it fully
LEGACY: But they approved now, cause I made them know that it's what I wanna do and my siblings all support me on it
LEGACY: A big shout out to my cousin 'currency' on that
KADA NAIJA: OK. Are you signed to any record label?
LEGACY: not officially signed into a label right now..
LEGACY: But am hoping on a good deal soon with my team..
KADA NAIJA: Your team?? Tell us about your team
 LEGACY: I got dj spin, a Dj/producer,"jukebox", a video director, and three artistes
LEGACY: Marvinc, Mel p and of course myself
KADA NAIJA:  OK dats a good one.. Legacy you jus released your single 'TRUTH' last week, when should we expect a song from you again?
 LEGACY: Umm...I intend on releasing one soon with marvinc titled "DANCE 4 YOU".. to be released on the 18th of march..

Keep anticipating guys..It's gon be lit
KADA NAIJA:  Wow so soon.. Dats a good one. Thank you very much for being a part of this.
LEGACY: pleasure
KADA NAIJA:  Its time we end the chat, any last words for the people out there?
LEGACY: Yeah!!!!...just wanna thank ya'll for the love and support you've given me right from day one...I don't know how I can repay you guys, but just know that your boy would never let you down..I love ya'll much..
LEGACY: I'll keep doing my music even till I put my city on the never ends.
LEGACY: Nigerian music would keep getting better till we reach the peak..just never give up on whatever you do...patience is a virtue
LEGACY:  For now that all I gotta say.
KADA NAIJA: Thanks a lot Legacy.. Have a blast even as we hope to chat with you some other time. Bye!!!
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