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#BBNaija's Truth or Dare Game Lastnight (Photos)

#BBNaija's Truth or Dare Game Lastnight
Biggie switched things up and treated the Housemates to a live band this week! Saxokay delivered a killer set performing a diverse range of Nigerian classics while the Housemates danced spiritedly on the Dancefloor.

Leading the pack were the usual suspects, TTT, Kemen, Debie Rise and the birthday boy Efe. They weren't the only one's having a fantastic time too with thousands of viewers calling it the best party yet!

Marvis got a little too wasted and after the party she threw up while she was getting cosy with Efe. He immediately rushed to get her some water and help her clean up.

In spite of the sweet gesture, Marvis got slightly irritated with him for a moment as he was refusing to let her go and demanding she wash her face first before going to bed!

Marvis threw up after she got drunk at the party 

Soon she was tucked in and he came to caress her cheek and let her know he'd arrange hot water for her if she needed to shower before joining in on Truth or Dare but she declined and decided to rest instead.

Ese & Bally 

Meanwhile the rest of the Housemates were engaged in all manner of debauchery in the kitchen starting with TBoss daring Bally to kiss Uriel's butt.

Uriel then retaliated by asking TTT to lick TBoss' boobs which he'd been fawning over and begging to touch all week.

Kemen once again seemed to be getting no love from the rest of the Housemates with TBoss and Bisola both declining to go through with any dares involving him and drinking instead.

Tboss & Jon 

Jon on the other hand seemed to get all the action Kemen was missing out on. He stripped naked before letting Uriel suck on his nipple and then had a passionate make out session with TBoss!

Kemen didn't do a great job of hiding his disdain with all the attention the newest Housemate was getting either.

Kemen & Uriel 

So much more happened last night so we've condensed it all into an exclusive clip for your viewing pleasure.
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