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M.I Blasts Journalist for Writing 'Offensive Article' About 2face's Planned Nationwide Strike

M.I Blasts Journalist for Writing 'Offensive Article' About 2face's Planned Nationwide Strike
Rapper, M.I Abaga 

Nigerian hip-hop artist Jude Abaga, popularly known as M.I has lashed out at one of the editors at Pulse, a Nigerian news site, for his disrespectful article against legendary Nigerian singer, 2face Idibia popularly known as 2baba for adding his voice to the planned protest in February against the government.

M.I who is the Chief Executive Officer of Chocolate City called out editor of ‘gist’ Ayomide Tayo over his antagonistic article which refered to 2baba as a 'false prophet'.

He said the article was totally disrespectful and capable of maligning the character of the legendary singer.

The rapper in a series of tweets preached to Tayo reminding him that as a journalist, he is required to write with integrity, be objective and show respect and decency to other humans.

M.I demanded an apology from the blogger, saying: ”I ask that you do better going forward.. views will not save your soul”. M.I threatened.

Read the controversial article below:

On Wednesday, January 25, 2017, Nigerian music legend 2face Idibia (who now likes to go by 2Baba) announced that he will lead a nationwide protest. According to him, the reason for the protest is because the Nigerian government has failed its people, and leading the country into an economic downturn.

First of all, shout out to 2face Idibia's ghost writer because we all know the famous singer did not write that long letter. 2face knows how to write songs but I am not sure he knows how to pen open letters.

Now, 2face wants to lead the people to march protest against the government's economic policies that are anti-people so to say. This is a worthy cause from the surface but let's look deeper. Why is our darling 2Baba protesting now? Surely, things are bad now but things have always been bad.

This is Nigeria, we have never had a good era as long as I can recall. The Buhari administration might have its faults (and they are plenty) but even the youngest Nigerian on the streets knows that the Goodluck Jonathan administration squandered billions of dollars.

A hallmark of democracy is freedom of expression and freedom to protest. 2 Baba and co are free to hit the streets and carry placards but as for me I will be at home listening to 'E Be Like Say'. Funny enough the lyrics of that song goes thus; "E be, like say you want me to tell me another story again oh. E be like say you want to act another movie again oh. E be like say you want to code another coding again oh."

2face Idibia is a remarkable human being and a great singer. He has done a lot for the promotion of peace during election periods. With all he has done, he shouldn't dabble into snapshot movements for cool points. He has dined and partied with the same men who have enslaved Nigerians for decades. Why not protest against them?

The problem of Nigeria is not partisan or APC and PDP. It's with our political system. As for the singers and celebs who have joined 2 Baba's protest, let me remind you that some of them danced alongside Ambode in his campaign video. After collecting their cheque, they moved on. These cheap endorsers for hire did not know any of Ambode's policies. All they did was danced and smiled.

These same singers were scared to endorse any Presidential candidate because they did not know who was going to emerge victoriously. Most of them did not want to offend the PDP by endorsing Buhari and also they were scared of the backlash they would receive from millions of Nigerians if they openly supported Goodluck Jonathan.

Silence is the gesture of cowards. It was clear that the nation had turned its back on Jonathan but they were scared to offend the mighty PDP.

Nigerians don't let anyone deceive you. If there is to be any protest, it will be started by the people of Nigeria and sustained by us. When we are tired of this animal farm of a country we will rise up and fight for what's ours.

Don't be led by false prophets who eat with the crooks in the corridors of power. The only musician led protest I can ever be a part of will be a protest led by the Anikulapo-Kutis. They live and breathe what they sing about.

If Femi and Seun Kuti are not involved, count me out. If you have not been with the people since day one, don't come out and parade yourself as pro-masses.

Props to singers like Sound Sultan, eLDee, M.I and others who have been consistent in the criticism of our political system with their music no matter who is in power.

2face Idibia also belongs to this category. The protest from my perception seems out of place in his narrative of conscious music and peace making efforts.

The Bible said in the last days there will be false prophets. This doesn't only apply to men of God but people with influence and power who act as is if they have the interest of people at heart.

God bless 2 Baba and the poor citizens of Nigeria Plc.
M.I Blasts Journalist for Writing 'Offensive Article' About 2face's Planned Nationwide Strike M.I Blasts Journalist for Writing 'Offensive Article' About 2face's Planned Nationwide Strike Reviewed by on 1/31/2017 Rating: 5

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