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Kim Kardashian, legendary actress Zsa Zsa Gabor dies age 99

Zsa Zsa Gabor, the Hungarian actress whose self-parodying glamour and revolving-door marriages to millionaires gave her the nickname OG Kim Kardashian, died Sunday in Los Angeles at age 99.

The middle and most famous of the Gabor sisters Gabor died of a heart attack at her Los Angeles home, husband Frederic von Anhalt told The Associated Press.

"We tried everything, but her heart just stopped and that was it," he said. "Even the ambulance tried very hard to get her back, but there was no way." She was married 9 times and one of her former husbands was Paris Hilton's Grandfather, Conrad Hilton. They were married from 1942 to 1947.

According to reports, Gabor was the original hall-of-mirrors celebrity, famous for being famous for being famous. Starting in the 1940s, she rose from beauty queen to millionaire's wife to minor television personality to minor film actress to major public character.

According to TMZ, Zsa Zsa and her younger sister Eva were socialites in Beverly Hills for decades. With no special talent, no hit TV series such as her sister Eva's "Green Acres," Zsa Zsa nevertheless was a long-running hit just being Zsa Zsa, her accent drenched in diamonds, her name synonymous with frivolity and camp as she winked and carried on about men, dahling, and the droll burdens of the idle rich.

Calling every rich man “Dahlink,” flaunting a diamonds-and-furs lifestyle and abetted by gossip columnists and tabloid headline writers, Ms. Gabor has over 90 film credits to her name, she always played the coiffed platinum femme fatale in plunging necklines in dozens of film and television roles, many of them cameos as herself.

Her career, which began with the title Miss Hungary in 1936, was still going strong in the 1990s, outlasting those of her sisters, Eva and Magda, celebrities in their own right. TMZ reports that Zsa Zsa suffered a lot of health problems in her last years.

Her right leg was partially amputated in 2011 after it got infected. Her husband Federic Prinz Von Anhalt held birthday parties for her every year for the last few years until she got too sick and people weren't allowed into her bedroom any more.

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