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Ladies, Be Careful! These are 10 Things Girls Do that Drive Men INSANE...No. 1 is Just Unbearable

It’s usually the girls that have a lot to say about the annoying habits of the opposite gender: toilet seats left up, scratching inappropriate parts of the anatomy at inappropriate times and, of course, forgetting important dates and lacking in any romance whatsoever, are just a few of the annoying traits of many men.

But the girls can be far from perfect too and there are some things that the fairer gender does that drive guys insane, and not in a good way!

Here are ten of the more annoying things that many girls just can’t stop doing, so read them and avoid, if you can:

1. Nagging 

Top of many men’s list of definite dislikes about girls’ behavior is nagging. ‘Take out the trash, clean up the mess, and fix that shelf!’ Give the guy a break! He’ll get around to it, he’s got it all under control. It’s not the jobs he hates, it’s being told about them every five minutes or so that makes him mad.

2. The silent treatment 

Tell your man when you’re mad at him; don’t just go quiet in him. The silent treatment really bugs men, because they usually can’t work out what they have done wrong. It will only make matters worse, because it will probably take a while for him to even notice that you are upset, and that will make you even angrier at him.

3. Talking too much 

It’s actually a fact that usually women talk more than men. A man gets his message across in a few, succinct, 8,000 words a day, while a woman will reach an average of over 15,000 words a day! Men prefer to act than to talk about it, so it’s no wonder men can’t fathom the need for so many words.

4. Women who try to change their men 

This normally revolves around girls who take up the pet project of attempting to domesticate their man. They try to smarten him up, keep him at home more and make him into a ‘better man’. Don’t try and make your man something that he is not. It won’t work and it will make him unhappy.

5. Jealousy 

A guy likes to know that you care, but he hates it when you get jealous over nothing. Being overly jealous can kill a relationship, so give your guy some credit; he is perfectly capable of talking to another girl, without wanting to jump into bed with her.

6. Saying I’m fine, when you’re not 

This is a close cousin of the silent treatment, when you say that you’re fine, but with such venom, it stings! Talking is the only way to resolve disputes, so get it out in the open and talk!

7. Ignoring warning lights in the car 

Men are more mechanically minded than girls, we all know that, but that really is no excuse for ignoring the red lights on the dashboard of your car. Whether it’s the oil running out, fuel running low, or worse, those little lights are all there for a reason and a man just simply can’t understand why you don’t take any notice of them.

8. Which one do you prefer? 

If you do eventually get your man to agree to come shopping with you, don’t ask for his opinion on anything because that will really make him squirm. He knows he can’t win and you are quite likely to ask him which one he likes, the red dress or the blue, and then you will go and buy the black one.

9. Gossiping 

While girls might find the latest news on who is or is not sleeping with whom, guys don’t find this kind of gossip even remotely interesting. They just don’t care one bit for gossiping and are amazed that you would want to.

10. Using expression of tenderness as a weapon 

When a girl deprives her man of tenderness, as a punishment, then that is sure to drive him insane. It’s the one thing they have no response to. But, be careful how you use this weapon because, if you overuse it, you may regret doing so. What other things, on your opinion, do girls do that drive guys insane.

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Ladies, Be Careful! These are 10 Things Girls Do that Drive Men INSANE...No. 1 is Just Unbearable Ladies, Be Careful! These are 10 Things Girls Do that Drive Men INSANE...No. 1 is Just Unbearable Reviewed by on 8/25/2016 Rating: 5

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