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[Story]: Who is the Boss?? By Radiant Pheobe [Episode1 Must Read!!!]

Who is the boss???
Who are you again?” Micheal asked trying the curb the anger welling up in him, he wouldn’t let anyone tell him how to do his work. He had his own methods and now that he is in charge, everyone must go by his rules.
“I am Miss Judith Ade the managing…”
“Oh please I was not asking you to introduce yourself, I know your name and the position you occupy here but what I don’t know is the source of this boldness, you always question my orders and you are not afraid to do so, what is giving you such guts huh!” He growled and she winced in fear but she refused to shrink in front of him.
“I am sorry about that sir, I…I will never do anything to the detriment of this company. Its just that when the chair man was here we had a different.”
“Excuse me Miss, how many times do I have to tell you I am in charge for now huh? It’s my father’s company and I am his first son, I also have great plans for this company and I wouldn’t tolerate any woman dictating to me. I have a Master’s degree but you obviously are just a mere degree holder, I have business experience and those men I put in charge have been running the family business well and… But sir the records shows that there is a foul play somewhere and… Oh stop interrupting me okay, I wonder why my father insist you remain, I wouldn’t have hesitated to give you a sack letter.” He said angrily and she sobered up to his satisfaction, he would give anything to have her fear him. The lady is just too difficult and all their encounters has been mostly arguments.
“I am sorry sir but if you can settle down and explain your methods to me, instead of always shouting at me I will appreciate it. I know you are now the boss but I will not have peace if I let bad things go like that. Your father was a good man and he paid me well so its my duty to do my job.” She said with her spine set straight and with an unfaltering gaze that left him confused. He knew and have dealt with stubborn women but there was something about this one that he can’t place his finger on. Well maybe someday, he will be sober enough to explain some things to her and also hear her out but for now he was too angry to make reasonable statements. He didn’t want to believe that those men would have the heart to do his father wrong but since she insists on it, he will look into it but he won’t give her the satisfaction of winning the argument.
He sighed deeply and relaxed not shifting his gaze from her face. He had not taken time to study her, all he did was to jump to mindless conclusions based on what he had been told. Could it be that they have not been truthful?
He let his eyes run through her frame and he was stunned by the beauty his eyes had failed to notice. Those beautiful eyes set as a flint, her finely carved brows were furrowed in concentration. She must really hate him but then he wouldn’t slack when it involves his father’s company. The man had worked tirelessly and he needed to proof himself worthy and capable of handling his father’s legacy.
Judith noticed his eyes were all over her and that made her self conscious. Her pulse had gradually increased and she swallowed slowly so as not to give away the fact that she was afraid. As a matter of fact she is really scared of him but she had vowed not to give in to this fear, she needed to make him see the truth, if it will cost her this job that she loved so much, then so be it. She saw a smile spread across his lips and quickly disappeared again. He would have looked more handsome if only he smiled often. Life is too short to allow issues weigh you down. Chief Jacobs was a good man, he was jovial and created a nice working condition but his son had been nothing but a straight faced man that shouted at every opportunity he got though that had not stopped the female workers from making passes at him or doing all they can to be in his good books.
“Miss Ade you remind me of my mum, she is stubborn but sweet and most importantly, she is always right. Maybe I have been too hard on you, I think we both have one thing in common.”
“Oh really?” She asked surprised. She didn’t understand the change but Lord thank you all the same.
“Yes, we have this company at heart. See my father’s health is at stake and I won’t want anything or anyone ruin this company. I may have been miss informed about you but if you believe what you are doing is the right thing then ride on but just pray very hard that it turns out good or else..” He said in a deep tone that took her off balance.
“Okay sir, thank you very much. I promise to give my best and you won’t regret it, I promise.” There was a long pause before he spoke again. She needed to be out of the office now. She felt uncomfortable being under such scrutiny but at least after almost two months of trying to convince him, he was bending his rules.
“Sir please can I take my leave now? I need to..” She said standing up.
“What do you think about being my friend?”
“What?!” She slumped back into her seat shocked.
To be continued…
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About the author.
Radiant Pheobe is a Motivational speaker, and a talented writer and a blogger, using her pen and Voice to change the world and lives of men.

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