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Police Nab Assassins Hired by Ex-girlfriend to Kill Popular Bauchi Blogger (Photos)

The alleged criminals after they were caught 

The alleged killers of a Bauchi Blogger who were reportedly hired by the victim's ex-girlfriend have been nabbed. This was made public in a statement by police in Bauch state.

The police statement reads:

"It would be recalled that on the 12/3/2017 one Abdulhakeem Bauchin Bauchi was killed by unknown persons and his decomposing body was recovered three days after.

However, on the 17/3/2017,Police detectives attached to Anti kidnapping unit of the Command arrested four suspects but the deceased vehicle was no where to be seen.

Furthermore, on the 27/6/2017 Police detectives successfully recovered the deceased Mercedes Benz 300 model at Edo State and arrested two additional suspects as follows,

1.Earnest Danladi ‘m’ aged 30 years of Pankshin LGA of Plateau State and,
2.Freedom Idom ‘m’ aged 35 years of Awen East LGA of Edo State.

Meanwhile, investigation also revealed that suspects were hired by one of the victim’s girl friend who felt betrayed following his intention to marry another woman.

Finally, efforts are being intensified to apprehend the Lady after which suspects would be charged to Court for prosecution, please.

SP Haruna Mohammed PPRO Bauchi State Police Command.
For Commissioner of Police Bauchi State Command."
Police Nab Assassins Hired by Ex-girlfriend to Kill Popular Bauchi Blogger (Photos) Police Nab Assassins Hired by Ex-girlfriend to Kill Popular Bauchi Blogger (Photos) Reviewed by on 6/29/2017 Rating: 5


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