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90% of the Information About Evans and His Arrest Are False - Abba Kyari

Abba Kyari 

The highly intelligent Abba Kyari who led other policemen to arrest kidnap kingpin, Chukwudi Dumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans has come out to clear more air on information shared by the media about Evans.

According to him, 90% of the information are false. Below is what he wrote: 'Friends: There is a Need to Clear the Air on some Issues that are Misinforming/Misleading the Good members of the public who are Passionate about Fighting Crime.

Number 1) 90 Percent of all Informations Relating to the arrest of Evans and What Evans said that's being shared on Social Media and Some Print Media are False. Just like most Nigerians, I wake up every morning and hear Different False Stories on Social Media pertaining to how we arrested Evans and what He Said.

2) The Actual Strategy and Technology we used in Arresting Vampire, Evans and other Big Kidnappers is known to only Me and Very few Senior officers I am working together with in the FHQ. Someone Like Evans would Never have been arrested based on the few technics that were officially mentioned or The ones Circulating in Social Media which are actually Technics already known to Criminals. We've gone ahead of those Technics. Our Real Strategy and Technology used in Picking Evans and his gang members have Never been Mentioned to the Media or Members of the Public, and will never be mentioned.

4) Evans Faced the Media Twice; First when he was Paraded in the Lagos Command HQ by the Force Public Relations Officer and Secondly when he took IRT Detectives to his detention Camps in Lagos for the world to witness him taking the Police to his camp that only him and his boys knows. This is so that in Future he cannot deny acquiring and Operating Kidnapper's detention camps in Lagos.

5) Please I Urge Members of the Public to focus more on what they See or hear from Major Newspapers and Television Stations who have names to protect and avoid the Avalanche of Lies and Fictions that is coming out from blogs & Social Media everyday.

Yes we agree Evans is the Biggest and Most Notorious Criminal arrested during the Social Media Age in Nigeria, but there should be some decree of Decorum and Honesty in Reporting News please.

Many Thanks to All Our friends and well wishers. May the Almighty bless us all in our endeavors'.

90% of the Information About Evans and His Arrest Are False - Abba Kyari 90% of the Information About Evans and His Arrest Are False - Abba Kyari Reviewed by Thank God on 6/30/2017 Rating: 5

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