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Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Bomb University of Maiduguri (See Photos)

NEMA workers evacuating the body of the suicide bomber that killed himself at the university 

Two bomb explosions on Thursday night rocked the University of Maiduguri, Borno State, The Independent reveals.

The bombing was confirmed by the President of the Students’ Union Government of the institution, Abu Babati.

He said the first one went off at about 10.50pm on Thursday with the second two hours later, about 12 am on Friday.

According to him, the first explosion occurred around the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, while the second explosion was around BOT Hostel, which is a female hostel.

One of the students of the institution, Yusuf Ibrahim, claims that a university security man attached to the female hostel was lying lifeless after the explosion by a female suicide bomber at the hostel.

Victor Isuku, the spokesperson of the Borno police command, has also confirmed the attack on the university. “On 18/5/2017 at about 2350hrs, three male suicide bombers with IEDs strapped to their bodies, gained entry into the premises of university of Maiduguri,” he said in a statement.

“In an attempt to enter the female hostels, they were intercepted by security operatives. One of the bombers hurriedly detonated his IED vest, killing himself instantly.

“The other two bombers detonated theirs near a construction site also within the proximity of the University premises, killing themselves alone. Three university security personnel reported injured.”

Isuku said the scene of the attacks have been visited by EOD personnel and that normalcy has been restored. The attack comes five days after twin bomb blasts went off in the university.

A security guard was killed while a soldier was injured in that attack.

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