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#BBNaija: 'Close Your F**king Ears and Be Deaf' - Bisola Hits Hard on Debbie-Rise

Big Brother Naija housemate, Bisola 

It was a hot afternoon in the Big Brother Naija house as Bisola slammed Debbie-Rise telling her to shut her f**king mouth after Debbie called her a mad person.

Bisola in a fit of rage had told Debbie-Rise that she could talk anyhow she wants after Debbie had put it to her that she's loud and aggressive during an argument over a task given to them by Biggie.

The confrontation began when Debbie Rise made a last minute change and Bisola didn't like it. The other housemates tried to calm them down but Bisola continued to rage on. Debbie had tried to explain that there was no noticeable change in the game and Bisola should keep shut, she replied, saying:

"Don't tell me to keep shut. I will talk and say anything that I want to. Close your fucking ears, be deaf. You cannot tell me to stop. Why are you telling me to keep shut?"

When Debbie said she is not making sense, Bisola replied: "You are the one that is not making sense. If you are using your sense in the first place, you would arrange it how it was from the beginning." Tboss and other members intervened before the altercation could get out of hand.

Bisola replied: "Are you high? What is my business with you? You, you are quiet in this house? You are now telling me that I'm talking too much. Close your fucking ears and be bloody deaf."

When Debbie said she doesn't even know why she's exchanging words with a mad person, Bisola replied, saying: "You are the one that is a lunatic. If you had any sense upstairs, you would arrange the game how it was. I will fu*king say whatever I want to fu*king bloody say. You can go die if you want to." Bisola also waved her hands in a condescending manner while arguing with Debbie.
#BBNaija: 'Close Your F**king Ears and Be Deaf' - Bisola Hits Hard on Debbie-Rise #BBNaija: 'Close Your F**king Ears and Be Deaf' - Bisola Hits Hard on Debbie-Rise Reviewed by on 3/31/2017 Rating: 5

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