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Adoration Ministry Lambasts Lagos-based Cleric, Pastor Chris Okafor Over Attack on Mbaka

Mbaka & Buhari 

A popular Lagos-based cleric, Pastor Chris Okafor, has been lambasted by members ‎of the Adoration Ministry, Enugu, on Sunday, over his perceived attack on the Enugu fiery Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka.

It was gathered that Pastor Okafor had reportedly accused the spiritual director of the Adoration Ministry, Mbaka of attacking former President Goodluck Jonathan over the latter’s refusal to give him some assets.

He had angrily chastised Mbaka and other church leader in the country and wondered why they were so quiet in the face of mounting confusion, recession, destruction, oppression and killing of Christians in most parts of the country.

However, speaking in Enugu, Humphrey Duruh, who is the leader of the Adoration Family, Lagos State, called on Okafor, ‎of the Mountain of Liberation and Miracles Ministry, to utilize his energy in restoring his alleged battered marriage.

His speech read in parts, “The attention of Adoration Family, Lagos, has been drawn to the recent preaching of Mr Chris Okafor, one self acclaimed Lagos based Pastor of Mountain of Liberation and Miracles Ministry wherein he asked Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria to go and examine his prophetic ministry on the basis of the fact that he (Fr Mbaka) wanted some certain favour (an asset) from the past government and when they refused to grant him the asset.

“We are disappointed that a supposed man of God in the person of Mr Chris Okafor should descend so low to the arena of calling the name of a fellow man of God and making him the subject of his preaching before his congregation; an act which Fr Mbaka and no real man of God would ever indulge in because of the scriptural truism that a kingdom that is divided against itself cannot stand. This indeed calls to question the ministry of Mr Chris Okafor and his claim to ‘The Oracle’.

“If Mr Chris was detailed in scriptures, he would have understood the dynamic nature of Prophetic ministries, and spared himself the embarrassment of questioning why Fr.Mbaka prophesied the divine choice of President Buhari to replace Jonathan at that time of the nation’s history, inspite of the good personal rapport between Fr. Mbaka and the Jonathan’s family.

“The over flogged rumour of that prophesy coming as result of a favour denied Fr Mbaka by the last government was a cheap political rumour and whitewashed political dummy by the past government to water down the efficacy and potency of that prophesy by means of attacking the person of Fr Mbaka.”

He added that “if indeed there was any iota of truth in that rumour, the past government would have produced credible documentary evidence of such request that Fr Mbaka needed from them to back up that claimin order to get back at him and the prophesy that spelt doom to that administration? It is indeed unfortunate they could swallow such political pills hook, line and sinker.

“We would like Pastor Chris to provide answers to the following pertinent questions: Didn’t the prophesy come to pass after all to justify the fact that it was indeed divine? Why didn’t Mr. Chris Okafor tell us who God told him was going to succeed Jonathan if indeed he is a prophet as he claimed? Or was his god numb at such troubled point of the nation’s political history?

Why should Mr Chris either for his wisdom or lack of it resort to name calling of a man of God to make up the ellipses of his preaching hours when he is bereft of what to tell his congregation? “Couldn’t Mr Chris Okafor’s marital experience of having to separate from his wife , Bessem Okafor (who gave him four children) after many years of his marriage have reminded him that people are bound to question why as “The Oracle” he didn’t make the right marital choice? If he could justify his marital separation from his former wife on the dynamics of divine instruction, why was it difficult for him to understand same as what triggered Fr Mbaka’s prophesy against Jonathan’s government that Fr Mbaka was formerly in support of.

“It is evident that Mr Chris lacks the integrity and credibility to holdout himself as a man of God when he couldn’t handle his domestic marital issues. People like Mr Chris are meant to be nannies whose employers should continue to pray would not kill the babies entrusted to them.

“Fr Mbaka’s level of spirituality is far beyond his questioning or is it because Fr Mbaka is unassuming and not a man of publicity? He is one man of God who during his preaching would not touch anyone, yet worshippers of his ministry continue to record many goose-pimple-arousing miracles during every of his Sunday, Wednesday and Friday programmes.

His commitment to charity evident in the lives of uncountable widows, orphans and less privileged under his Multi Life Savers For the Less Privileged Foundation, is unequaled. “There was nothing prophesied by Fr Mbaka that didn’t come to pass.

Besides his prophesy on the victory of Buhari, his prophesies on Abacha’ death, the emergence of a president from Niger Delta, Ebola eradication, Oil boon to oil doom, to mention but a few, all came to pass. Even most recently during President Buhari’s medical vacation abroad when the likes of Mr Chris Okafor are spreading the rumours of the president’s death and wishing he would never return, Fr Mbaka continued to pray for the President’s recovery and prophesied his return which we all witness today.

“So we wonder what gave the likes of Mr Chris Okafor the effrontery to ask Fr Mbaka to examine his prophetic ministry. Obviously he may have said this just to get public attention and that is why we as a family pray that Fr Mbaka should not give him the honour of a reply.

“Even with the coming into power of President Buhari, has Fr Mbaka not demonstrated his authentic prophetic callings by crying out and warning the president on vital national issues whenever he is divinely inspired to do so?

“Why should Pastor Chris or any right thinking citizen of Nigeria view Fr Mbaka’s warning to President Buhari that he should tackle the hunger in Nigeria (even though he is not the cause of the hunger) or address some other national economic challenges as a complain instead of a genuine concern for the wellness of the nation?

“Given the quantum of corruption in Nigeria, the security tension in Nigeria and the menace of Boko Haram in places of worship in Nigeria before the coming into power of President Buhari, even if the victory over insurgence and Corruption in this country were the only thing President Buhari achieved in this country, they are enough to give Buhari a pass mark as the “messiah” that Pastor Chris Okafor and his likes are still looking for.

“We charge the men of God in this country to mind their callings as they are not gifted alike. They should desist from making inflammatory speeches, and indulgence in polemics against fellow men of God in their own calling.”
Adoration Ministry Lambasts Lagos-based Cleric, Pastor Chris Okafor Over Attack on Mbaka Adoration Ministry Lambasts Lagos-based Cleric, Pastor Chris Okafor Over Attack on Mbaka Reviewed by on 3/20/2017 Rating: 5

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