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WE DON'T HAVE PMAN IN KADUNA - Eskillz Blows Hot in Interview with JAR

WE DON'T HAVE PMAN IN KADUNA - Eskillz Blow Hot in Interview

JAR (Jejetv Artiste Review) is a special online program where upcoming acts in Nigeria talks about their personal life, musical life as well as the entertainment in general.

On JAR today we have Eskillz. A Kaduna based artiste who has don alot for the North.    

Kaduna based musician 'Lawrence Mona Reuben' a.k.a Eskillz in an interview with talks about his music, life when growing up and also PMAN Kaduna not able to discharge their duty.  

Read full interview bellow:

Jejetv: Good Afternoon Sir, am Femi by name a content provider for Jejetv Kaduna chapter, hows the weather treating u?

Eskilz: Very well Mr femi.. How are you today

Jejetv: Am doing good. 
Eskillz! yea we all know that name rings a bell but what is the name/personality behind Eskilz?

Eskilz: Happy to know the name rings a bell already despite my little effort in making it a house hold name across the globe.. Well ESKILLZ in terms of personality I would say is no distinctiveness from other cool calm collected are my attribute.

Jejetv: So whats the real name?

Eskilz: Lawrence Mona Reuben is my name

Jejetv: What part of Nigeria are u from?

Eskilz: I am form Kogi state, IGALA by tribe #proudly.

Jejetv: How was growing up and lifestyle like in Kaduna state 

Eskilz: Growing up in Kaduna used to be fun not until recent times where movement and certain activities has been restricted due to crisis riot and such... Well Kaduna never influence my lifestyle because I'am that kinda person fall under pear pressure I do my things my way and how I think it would come out good for me.

Jejetv: Into any relationship?

Eskilz: Hehe.. Relationship Shaaa I wouldn't say YES and No either but whatever am having now is not on a solid ground lol

Jejetv: So u are double dating? Or not sure of her?

Eskilz: Double dating NOPE not sure of her? Of cuz i do the whole relationship thing is on a fresh beginning let's just watch and see wah the nearest future hold

Jejetv: How do u handle ur felame fans?

Eskilz: We all know female fans are the back bone of our fan base thus making sure I never step on their wrong side...

Jejetv: How do u avoid those wrong sides?

Eskilz: Steadily appreciating every contributions and effort made in assisting my musical push.. Choosing my words carefully also minding my business at some point ''SORRY THANK YOU PLEASE'' are my master keys when it comes to female fans

Jejetv: Talking about music now, what genre of music do u do, and what are we expecting this year?

Eskilz: Basically I do r'n'b /afro pop but Bros if you bring any one I go jump on top like na my kinda genre. This year I would say expect more from the other side of ESKILLZ VERSITILITY is the key and am hundred percent ready to make those supporting my brand proud

Jejetv: Where do u see kaduna industry in the next 5years and what are the possible solutions to boost it?

Eskilz: In one word Kaduna industry in five years THE PEAK possible solution to boost it TOGETHERNESS

Jejetv: You where under MICK management, why did u leave?

Eskilz: MIKC.... well my contract with Mikc ended months back and I don't see my self resign or whatsoever reason best know to me... MIKC RAISED Me, family and will always be #WEGOODLIKETHAT

Jejetv: OK! When are we expecting something new from you?

Eskilz: In due time sire... Like I said something from my other side it takes time to bring out the other side you know.. But for sure breakfast will be served at the right time

Jejetv: B4 giving any message to your fans, how did u come about the name Eskillz.?

Eskilz: Eskillz is the combination of my tribal name with is ENEMONA(WHO KNOWS TOMORROW) and the word Skills Of cuz you know the meaning of skills already

Jejetv: Great! What's your advise to young acts coming into the industry?

Eskilz: Know what you want and aiming in the industry and work towards it... Dont allow anybody talk you outta your aim all in the name of re-branding... If its not in you don fake DO YOUR BEST AND REST WOULD BE A PLUS

Jejetv: Nice words. Enimona Skillz. I hope u don't mind me calling you that.. Lol. What's do you think about the Pman Kaduna state chapter?

Eskilz: Hehehe.. Pman!! I hear of Pman but have not seen Pman if you understand what am trying to say.. There a lot of issues on ground of which I expected the Pman to handle but I see nobody or representative or whatsoever so if you ask me I would say WE DONT HAVE PMAN IN KADUNA.
Screenshot of the claim that there is no PMAN in Kaduna.

Jejetv: So you mean the body we have in Kaduna presently ain't Pman?

Eskilz: Do we have any?? Just getting to know You won't blame me because I have never come across any platform or social page stating Pman Kaduna if I could remember it was dissolved outta dispute

Jejetv: What do u think can be done to counter that? 

Eskilz: OFCUX we need a body to govern the entertainment sector in kd all we need is just right set of people

Jejetv: Who is your role model?

Eskilz: Omor, I mastermind my craft ion look at someone else's work and work in line of such.. I am my role model

Jejetv: So u don't see anyone who has made it that u actually cherish?

Eskilz: Cherish /role model two different thing sire..... I cherish success so if you made it I cherish you but won't follow your footsteps.

Jejetv: Lolz. Funny but real. A message to ur fans..

Eskilz: Thank you for supporting eskillz from day one even if I wasn't meeting up to expectations.. You love kept me going and promise not to let yell down

Jejetv: Rate Jejetv entertainment platform in percentage..

Eskilz: 98/100 the remaining two na for me lolz.

Jejetv: Hehhee. Thanks much. Nice talking to u Enimona Skillz hope to have you back on our channel soon!

Eskilz: I really enjoy my time with Jeje TV hope having you guys around again

Jejetv: Sure! We are available. Thanks for your time and enjoy the rest of the day..

The End.

You can reach Eskillz via facebook @Eskillz Enemona or Gmail +Eskillz Lawrence 
Join us on whatsapp: +234-8133013307
WE DON'T HAVE PMAN IN KADUNA - Eskillz Blows Hot in Interview with JAR WE DON'T HAVE PMAN IN KADUNA - Eskillz Blows Hot in Interview with JAR Reviewed by on 2/01/2017 Rating: 5

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