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INTERVIEW: Femex Speaks About His New Video On Jejetv

 Femex Speaks About His New Video On Jejetv
Femex and two kids in video shoot

On Jejetv Artiste Review today (JAR): We have the Kaduna Entertainment Awards best indigenous Rapper winner Holuwaphemmy Yusuf popularly know as FEMEX, as he speaks about his new video.   Read full interview below:  


Jejetv: Mr. Femex, what is your real name?

Femex: The real name=Holuwaphemmy Yusuf popularly know as FEMEX

JejeTv: Biography?

Femex: I came from the family of 4,3male and 1female, am the second.I started my musical career way back then pasted 8years,I attain my university diploma in kwara state college of art,I study mass communication

JejeTv: Wow. That's good. What part of Nigeria are u from? 

Femex: Born in Kaduna,originated from Oyo state,ogbomosho

JejeTv: Good! Talking about music now, there is this slang Zaa Zaa almost in all ur songs. How did u come about that? And what's the meaning?

Femex: ZAZA mean the spirit to my music...
And I got it in the mid night when I was composing one of my song way back then 2013 tittled HUSTLE SPIRIT

JejeTv: Hm. Interesting! And the Lambo attached to ur name came from where?

Femex: The lambo attached to it is my order musical street Name,as Omo igboro Lori titi
And I got FEMEX from my real name HOLUWAPHEMMY

JejeTv: Hm.. Lori titi? Means on the street?

Femex: Yeahp

JejeTv: Your new song 'The New assignment' i had you done with the video?

Femex: Yeahp...

JejeTv: Now what's the inspiration behind the new assignment, and why Zeena on the track?

Femex: New assignment is a symbols of waking up everyday with a new hope,hustle mind,believe and hardworking.and new assignment is a rap real talks music cause a lot of things being said on the song

JejeTv: That's good. Among all the female act in Kaduna why Zeena?

Femex: I do it in Yoruba indeginious on the track and I invite ZEENA on the song to killed it with her mad tune
And I felt she really feet and match on the song
Cause I believe working with her on the song is ganna be the best and aside that,she is among the finest female art making strong and right moves in the entertainment as a whole

JejeTv: Wonderful! Talking about Zeena and u, there is a serious rumor spreading about u both dating. Is this true?

Femex: Their is a strong answer which it can be disclose for naw either is true or false...but we are extremely close not even being musical mate.

JejeTv: Extremely close? In what sense?

Femex: Extremely close,yeahp,extremely close..

JejeTv: Now I get it.. Then there chances of a relationship setting in?

Femex: No how you will produce a song without beat and laying voice on it

JejeTv: Lol! Mr Femex is protecting something from the media
So are ur fans expecting to see in the new assignment video?

Femex: Not really, although I have strong project am working on,but I just have to bring it back on the screen ki awon Temi mor pe kosere before the deal project kick start.

JejeTv: Good! Am sure ur Yoruba fans will relate to those lines..
Who directed the video?

Femex: And a lot of great things I ganna happen before the end of 2k17,we just kick start
One of the popular creative director=I B JIKA TOPTAINMENT
From the north side

JejeTv: Good! Where do u see yourself in the next 4years ? And what do u think can be done to boost entertainment in Nigeria?

Femex: With Almighty with is infinite blessings,I should be a record label owner both in Nigeria and having real international deals. What we need is one love and elevate your brother when you elevating your self
ejeTv: Nice piece..

Femex: I think with this..we ganna keep growing everyday

JejeTv: So when is the video dropping?

Femex: Cause music ain't a competition
Some days

JejeTv: OK...yea! Any message for ur fans? And young act aspiring to be ike u?

Femex: To my fans everywhere and to all of them listening to my songs across the whole,I say a very big thanks to them for supporting me,without them no me and I promise I will never let them dawn and I promise never ganna stop given them good music.
To eny new coming act that wanna be like ZaZa,I will 1st say is ain't a day job,focus,believe,work smart,be prepare for eny chances and be prayerful,don't let any tell you stories of discourage
Be loyal,discipline, ma gapa kole blow as I said it in my ongoing promotional song NEW ASSIGNMENT

Jejetv: Nice talking with you on Jejetv. Hope to have you back soon.

Femex: You are welcome 

More photos from the NEW ASSIGNMENT video shot below:

INTERVIEW: Femex Speaks About His New Video On Jejetv INTERVIEW: Femex Speaks About His New Video On Jejetv Reviewed by Thank God on 2/03/2017 Rating: 5


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