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Nigerians Attack Buhari, Lists His Achievements After 600 Days in Office

Nigerians Attack Buhari, Lists His Achievements After 600 Days in Office
President Muhammadu Buhari
Following the Presidential statement listing the achievements of President Muhammadu Buhari since he assumed office on May 29, 2015 by Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, Nigerians have reacted saying that the only thing the President succeeded in bringing hunger, recession amongst other things.

Garba Shehu on Sunday said no sincere Nigerian could pretend not to notice the achievements so far recorded by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari in its anti-corruption war.

He listed the achievements to include what he called the crippling of the Boko Haram terrorists, saying the sect no longer have the capability to invade and occupy towns and villages unchallenged by the country’s military personnel.

Here is how Nigerians reacted according to a compilation by The Herald.

On Facebook, a user, Ishiali John wrote: "Yes indeed sincere Nigerians can’t deny hunger, starvation, abuse of human right, disobeying court order, arresting, detaining and killing freedom fighter intimidating oppositions by Buhari led gov't."

Another user Patrick Effiong says: "Nigerians can’t deny hunger,lack of jobs, losses of jobs,high standard of living,hardship, collapsed economy, killing of innocent citizens, decays in education & health systems.etc. this is what Nigerians got as an achievement of PMB."

Oghene-Otega Esemuede Jr.says: "Yes, Nigerians can’t deny the 3.87 billion Naira budget for Aso Rock Clinic and spending extra millions of dollars in medical vacation in London. Nigerians can’t deny the hardship, poverty, insecurity, lack of federal character, bad roads, Economic meltdown, valueless Naira etc."

Clement Olayemi Omolaso in his own submission said: "Sincerely our great president achieve a lot for Nigerian by returning Nigeria economy to 1984 era, naira now is useless, and powerless, they promise us of creating jobs in million every year, but people are loosing job every day resulting to million jobs lost every year, what a great achievement, Nigerian are now more divided on religion line than before, shops are being looted everyday, people are now gathering at loto shop for survival strategy, nepa are now worst, they give light to people at maximum of two hours daily at high tariff than before in Nigeria history, sir what a great achievement, no more killing in Nigeria and no more kidnapping ,all our road are more motorable than before, all his achievement are too many to mention."

Jude Clement: "It would be honourable thing to do if the presidency can clarify what Buhari led government has archived for to be proved."

Prince Ayobami Oyebo: "I tell you, he should have asked to be the Chairman of EFCC and not to contest to be the President of our great nation."

Ogamba James: "Yeah so many achievement, killing of innocent Ipob members, Fulani herdsmen’s,exchange rate 500 ,a penter of garri #1000 ,power failure, etc."

Yemi Oluwo: "What achievement? Dollar from 200 to 500, bag of rice from 9000 to 18000, petrol from 87 to 145. Pls u guys u stop all dis ur rubbish talks."

Lugard Johnson: "Buhari deceive the Nigeria people into dead and starvation.. Worthless president." Olusegun Kolawole: "Like what ooo. I was once a fan of Buhari but after 2yrs, I saw nothingm."

Onyebuchi Nwafor: "Yes we can’t, kerosene #400, Cooking gas 12kg=#7500, dollar =#450, rice=#23000, petrol #150, palm oil #700 per bottle etc."

Read Garba Shehu's statement below:

“The fact that civil servants and political office holders are now afraid to steal with impunity is itself a major psychological boost for the anti-corruption crusade of the Buhari administration, which no sincere Nigerian can pretend not to notice.

“Contrary to Junaidu’s claims that President Buhari doesn’t acknowledge mistakes, we wish to remind the medical doctor that the President publicly took responsibility and apologised over the dissolution of the Governing Councils of Federal Universities when it was discovered that due process was not followed.

“We must stress that taking responsibility for mistakes is one of the finest components of integrity, and that President Buhari has never failed in demonstrating this virtue in words and deeds.

“Since the coming of the Buhari administration, the country has saved billions and trillions of naira which could be diverted to private pockets if the government wasn’t committed to transparency and accountability.”
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