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New Music: Owo Wa - DaveMoh (@David_Odiomi)

Download Owo Wa by DaveMoh
The Prolific Song Writer David Odiomi (DaveMoh) is Back this Year With a New Club/Party Banger and he Titled it 'Owo wa' Which means there is Money' in Yoruba Language. Owo Wa is getting massive airplay in Lagos and Other States of the Federation and works are being put on ground to drop a video for this BANGER, This is the sound of the Future, The new wave and an example of how a Party Song is Done. 

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New Music: Owo Wa - DaveMoh (@David_Odiomi) New Music: Owo Wa - DaveMoh (@David_Odiomi) Reviewed by on 1/15/2017 Rating: 5

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