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Nigerian Engineer Manufactures Jeep in Imo State from Scratch (Photos)

Alex Ephraims built this wrangler jeep lookalike 

A super intelligent Nigerian engineer has built a look-alike wrangler jeep in Owerri from scratch. The man identified as Alex Ephraims showed off his latest asset to the commissioner of Police in Imo state who stood in awe over the product.

Here is how Aguocha Chinwendum shared the story online.

"We are no more hiding, the sun finally is risen, when we are still celebrating INNOSON motors here is another one from Owerri #Biafraland, God Ezechukwuokike Abiama blessed us Igbo and Biafrans in general, there's nothing the enemy can do about it, their £20 after war could not stop us so Give us #Biafra and free Africa and the Black Race.

The story of Alex Ephraims will do no less than inspire and excite every sound mind. He was one of very few competent modernized and automated mechanic workshops in Owerri.

His exploits were so much that IMO state government of Rochas Okorocha entered into a deal with him (back in Rochas' first term) to do all kinds of things that would have transformed the state to a large extent under the auspices of ICAPS. (Well, government eventually frustrated the deal and Engr Alex pulled out).

The foreign-trained automechanical expert relocated to his own base here in Owerri and continued pursuit of his dream.

As soon as I returned to Nigeria from a business trip a few months ago, I was invited to see what he has been up to. What I saw left me thoroughly impressed. In a private workshop of no larger than two plots of land, he had set up a car manufacturing plant here in Owerri. And he already had a finished product sample.

That's not the best part. What he does is akin to what a tailor does. He has a catalog of various car designs and specs. You peruse the catalog, choose any design you like and he produces it for you with any type of facilities or utilities or technology you desire, be it reverse camera, or air conditioner, or speed control system.

His is the first known car manufacturing firm with well developed customization services in Nigeria. He has a team of young men he picked and trained. They are specialists in their various fields of auto mechanical craft.

No material is a waste. He runs a very efficient recycling process.

Recently, he carried out a road test of his sample car. The IMO state commissioner of Police refused to deny himself the opportunity of seeing and testing the vehicle.

The crowd that trailed the road test from his workshop to certain parts of Owerri was massive. Alex hails from Nwangele LGA of IMO State." Chinwendum wrote.

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