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Lagos State To Holds Beer Festival In September 2017

Lagos State To Holds Beer Festival In September 2017
Nigerians, friendly and creative people, know how to stay afloat in all economic circumstances. They know how to turn unpleasant situations to pleasurable ones.

With the recession biting hard, many had expected to see people wailing to high heavens, but the people are looking into diverse sectors of the economy to eke out a living.

In the hospitality and tourism sector for instance, new vistas are daily being opened. In this area, cultural and traditional festivals have not only created excitement, but also generated revenues, as companies, SME’s provide products and services for tourists and in return make huge sales and profits.

To keep the scene active and to further open up the economy, beer brewers in the country will in September 2017 collaborate with their counterparts across the globe to hold a maiden Beer Festival at the Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Lagos.

The festival will make variety of beers and other alcoholic drinks available for tasting and purchase. Like in Germany, where the festival has become a major tourists event, attracting over 50,000 tourists yearly to the country, other countries in Europe and America are catching the bug, organising the festival and attracting tourists.

The Germany festival commonly referred to as Munich Beer Festival or Oktoberfest is famous not only because it is a carnival, but because it retains the integrity of Bavaria custom and lifestyle. People enjoy delicious food at the festival and as well participate in series of colorful recreational activities like horse racing, shooting, juggling and various theatrical performances.

The Lagos festival, therefore, will serve as platform to showcase and market the various beer brands and other alcoholic drinks in Nigeria, while at the same time creating leverages for captains of industry to mingle and network.

Aside beer tasting, organisers say the week-long festival will see an international speaker talk about, Beer And You, while a celebrity speaker will discuss Beer And Responsibility Enjoyment and the guest speaker rounds off with Beer And Celebration.

Tidying knotty areas, local brewers working with organisers are beginning to partner reputable and qualified architects in Poland and Spain to construct modular Premium A to C stands that will fit into any shape or style desired by exhibitors.

While Premium A stand is made up of well-polished wooden floor, one storey booth, VIP bar with buckets, chairs and tables, brandable fence, gazebos/ parasols and banquet chairs and tables, Premium B has mobile domes taking 230 persons, row seats for 148, seated tables for 112 and standing buffets for 125 persons. Premium C stand is for the vendors.

The event will also include stage performances from A-list music acts and other side attractions. Each participating brand has the opportunity to own a particular day of the week to entertain guests.

Wednesday, for instance, will be special event outlet, as it will feature midweek ‘Tunbo Night, which includes live performances, stage branding, ownership of content and flow. Lagos fuji lovers will not be left out because Thursday will be Fuji Special Night, while Friday will be Special Concert Day for sponsors only.

The climax of the festival will be the closing day mega concert in which A-list performing acts will thrill the audience.
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